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Heilongjiang province China International Travel Agency (Group) company was established in 1954 Chinese International Travel Service Harbin branch, is the Chinese International Travel Service was established, one of the premier Zhou Enlai personally approved 12 local travel agency, Heilongjiang province is the first travel agency, has 60 years of experience in tourism, business, study that is Chinese CITS core members of enterprises in the province, the service quality and brand reputation has always been among the best, by the National Tourism Bureau awarded the national top 100 travel agency.
1954, Shanghai, Tianjin and CITS, Guangzhou, Harbin and other 12 branches set up.
1992, approved by the State Economic and Trade Commission approved the establishment of China CITS CITS group, as the core enterprise.
In 2001, CITS through the ISO9001 international quality system certification.
In 2004, the "national brigade" brand ranked twenty-fifth in China's brand value list and first in tourism services.
In 2016, CB entered the list of the ten major industries in China in 2015.
In 2017, national brigade ranked 257th in the top 500 Asian brands.
Heilongjiang Province travel and many domestic and foreign tourism enterprises to establish a close strategic partnership, set up offices in Tokyo, San Francisco, Toronto, Frankfurt, Paris and other places, with more than 50 branches in the province within the scope of business covers inbound, outbound and domestic travel, border travel, exhibition services, cruise services ticket agent, international railway transport tickets, in addition to providing visa, overseas investment, immigration, labor, cultural and sports exchanges, medical treatment, study, exhibition, travel and other customized services.
National brigade set sail and helped Longjiang. We have integrated operation advantage of tourism resources tourism demand will be strong, closely combined with the product development, the formation of the whole industry chain of the product, to serve the different needs of tourists, in addition to the traditional tourism products, will also travel and pension, tourism and sports, tourism and culture, tourism and health, tourism and Commerce and tourism with the education industry integration, developed a self driving tour, private custom, health, leisure, experience in summer tourism products. Heilongjiang province CITS always adhere to the integrity of state-owned enterprises for the brand, the details of the service as a business standard, the humanized service for the pursuit of products, with new business philosophy to provide good service for the vast number of tourists, let all the guests happy to travel around the world.
Heilongjiang Province travel now after mixed reform, management system and operation mechanism has undergone profound changes, the enterprise vitality, the future will rely on the ecological advantages of Heilongjiang province in summer and winter snow resources, continue to develop more and better people for personalized and diversified demand of tourism products, and continuously meet the people's needs in the future a better life. Chinese travelers always stand in the perspective of the consumer to use their master tourism market advantages, clever layout to meet the needs of domestic tourism business through the integration of resources advantage, the wisdom of concise experience combined with computer technology, to provide consumers with fresh and cost-effective user experience, creating value through service! At the beginning of 2018, we will welcome every consumer with the new service mode, advanced operation mode and the leading product concept with the new hospitality experience and the new travel experience to help consumers achieve the ultimate desire of quality travel. Wise travel around the world, and travel around the world. Heilongjiang national brigade is the tourist expert around you!
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